Flush Fatale

Past Women by Present Women



Flush Fatale?

Flush Fatale is a deck of cards highlighting predominant women* from history and is entirely illustrated by women/female* identifying artists. Each playing card features a different historical woman, illustrated by present-day women. That means Flush Fatale is illustrated by 54 female artists and shines a light on 54 women from history. Past Women by Present Women! 

*We use an inclusive definition of 'women', encouraging the participation of diverse identities traditionally underrepresented in the arts.


The goal of Flush Fatale is to create a woman-centered project that pays each and every artist for her time and energy. A Kickstarter was set to fund the project. However, the Kickstarter was unsucsessful. Now, we are hoping to find a grant to pay for the art, and then re-launch the Kickstarter specifically for the production of the cards. 

To learn more about our individual artists, visit The Artists page for bios, links to their websites, and a peek at the future of Flush Fatale. To learn more about the historical figures, visit The Cards to read about the achievements, significance, and stories behind 54 amazing women. 


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