Q. I submitted to Flush fatale. Why haven't I heard anything back?

A. Due to the volume of submissions we will be unable to respond to everyone. But worry not! We have received your application! If you are worried, feel free to send us a message at flushfatale@gmail.com

Once the call for artists closes on July 31st, our team will look through all of the websites and samples of art that have been provided and choose 54 women to participate in Flush Fatale. You will receive an e-mail letting you know either way. 


Q. I want to follow along with the project! 

A. Awesome! We'll post updates, sketches, news, artist bios and more on our social media below:

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram  



A. Each artist represents one of the playing cards in the deck. Jokers included!


Q. I see you asked for a website. What if I don't have one?

A. Feel free to send us an e-mail with photos of your work in attachments. We simply ask for a website so that we can direct people there if they want to see more of your work! It is not necessary to apply.


Q. Does each artist get to choose her subject matter/woman from history?

A. Absolutely! We only ask that the woman that you choose is no longer living. However, if someone has already requested to illustrate a particular woman, we may ask for your second choice. No duplicates, please!


Q. How will the cards be assigned?

A. Once we have chosen the 54 artists, the cards (2 of Hearts, Jack of Spaces, etc) will be randomly assigned to each artist! You will then be sent a template of your card so you know where the typography is going in each corner.


Q. Only hiring people who identify as female is discriminatory. Why not have everyone celebrate the works of women. I think it's incredibly patronizing to single out women like this and I certainly don't think it's necessary. Stop discrimination, of all kinds, please.

A. ... ... if you send this to us, you are completely missing the point of the entire project. 


Q. Want to ask a question?

A. We will answer it here!