Flush Fatale was born when an e-mail was sent to several of the artists in this project requesting they illustrate a full piece of work and submit the illustration to a book in the hopes of one single artist winning an iPad. Infuriated by constant requests for spec work or art for contests with no payment for services, Flush Fatale’s founder contacted a host of female artists with a proposition.

The idea? Create a deck of playing cards with 54 illustrators where each artist would be paid for her time and skills. Every. Single. One. From there, the idea grew. If all of the artists were female, why not highlight important women from history? We are so often a footnote, yet play a critical part in influencing the world we live in today.

To ensure that each artist is paid, it was proposed that Flush Fatale be funded through Kickstarter. Each artist would be randomly assigned a card, as well as choose a prominent figure from history, but she would not be required to create the work of art unless the Kickstarter was a success. This means that without your support, none of the artwork will come to life. After an unsuccessful first round on Kickstarter, the creators of Flush Fatale are now looking into a grant to pay the artists for their work, so they can re-launch a Kickstarter for the creation of the cards in 2018. 

We want to create a deck of cards that celebrates women of the past by women of the present. Our own history. Our own story. Flush Fatale

Behind Flush Fatale


Micaela Dawn
Creator of Flush Fatale

Micaela is an illustrator and concept artist from Canada with a degree in character design who now works as a marketing and graphic designer. She is an avid supporter of women in the arts and strives to find and create as many opportunities for women as she can. Her work has been featured in galleries across Canada, the covers of Victor Lavalle's Destroyer series by BOOM! Studios, as well as in the Spectrum 23, Infected by Art. Her favourite women from history are Artemisia Gentileschi, Ching Shih, and Ana Lezama de Urinza.

She and her sister (Teigan Blondin) developed the idea for Flush Fatale over many cups of chai and late evenings of Crème brûlée. 

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Teigan Blondin
Co-Creator of Flush Fatale

Teigan is a multidisciplinary artist with a flare for project management and event coordination. After graduating with a degree in Theatre she has gone onto building and designing, props and costumes and another projects that stir her imagination to life. Her favourite women from history are Aphra Behn, Zenobia, and Nefertiti.

She and her sister (Micaela Dawn) developed the idea for Flush Fatale over many cups of chai and late evenings of Crème brûlée. 



Sian Ford
Media Relations for Flush Fatale

Sian is a scientist who is currently studying in Hamilon, Ontario but makes her home in Alberta, Canada. She has a keen interest in astrobiology, molecular genetics, and microbiology. She has a passion for promoting women in STEM through local volunteering and mentoring. In her spare time, Sian is a hobby artist, including cosplay, nature journaling and watercolor. Her favourite women from history include Lynn Margulis, Barbara McClintock, and Margaret Hamilton.

She has been friends with Micaela and Teigan since early school days, and helps them handle all of the media and public relations for Flush Fatale. 

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Nina Sengsavang
Hand-Letterer for Flush Fatale

Nina is a Calgary based hand letterer and illustrator. She currently works as a graphic designer to pay the bills so she can feed her kitty and hyper-dog, and does freelance work in her spare time. She has a particular affinity for making swear words and vulgar statements look beautiful through hand lettering. She always stands up for what she believes in and does her utmost to promote other women artists. Her favourite women from history are Marie Currie, Malala, and Princess Diana. 

Nina will be creating all of the hand-lettering for the Flush Fatale project.
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